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The best of Ljubljana!

(Enjoy Ljubljana with Ljubljana born guide.)

On our walk we’ll see the most important sights in the old city centre and some hidden corners only a few get to know.

Depends on your time (Choose between 2, 3 or 4 hour tour) and interest we can explore the remains of the Romans in quiet part of the centre. We can head toward some (beautiful!) modernist architecture or get to see the communist era with parliament.

Ave Roman Emona!

(Romans are good excuse to see the less visited part of the centre.)

​The story of Roman town starts around year zero and lasts until the fall of the western Roman empire, but stories, findings, ruins, legends, believes… live on.

While searching for those we will explore the less visited part of Ljubljana centre. The tour takes place outside the medieval part of Ljubljana, in a part that was actually built in close relation to the Roman Emona. Even if built in the seventies in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Do you dare to look there?

Urban Ljubljana

(Enjoy urban Ljubljana with Ljubljana born guide.)

Let’s talk about alternative culture, read urban signs and see some of the most important sights.

Either you are an alternative bunch or just curious about what is happening on the alternative side of the city. Maybe you are a fan of Invader mosaics of little aliens? Or love graffiti, stickers and other street art?

The Deadly Walk

(Explore beautiful Ljubljana Cemetery.)

Let’s stroll through park-like cemetery, full of history, inspiring art and remarkable Garden of All Saints.

Ljubljana’s cemetery, called Žale, is a remarkable piece of work, with some special tombs. We will see the Jewish Cemetery, The Memorial Park and some amazing statues by famous Slovenian sculptors. But first, the one and only, Garden of All Saints, spectacular architect Plečnik’s work.

Tivoli Park


They say you didn’t really visit New York if you didn’t walk through its Central Park and I claim the same for Ljubljana’s Tivoli Park. Locals adore this green heaven as it offers many possibilities to make every day more enjoyable: peace and quiet, fresh air, a place for exercise and more. There is a pond, a phenological park, rose garden, beehives and a greenhouse. There are 2 palaces and 2 former hotels and a multitude of statues and fountains. Did you know that the only place where you can legally feed birds and squirrels is in Tičistan, special part of Tivoli?

Slovenian Traditions

(Traditional Slovenia on the streets of Ljubljana.)

Cheer with a beekeeper, touch the wood, see what Slovenians were making through centuries.​

Learn about art and craft of Slovenia in the heart of Ljubljana. Hidden bellow the Castle Hill there are many little shops, workshops or ateliers waiting to be discovered. On the way we won’t miss some of the most iconic sites of our beloved capital.

Plečnik & UNESCO

(What was the vision of architect Jože Plečnik?)

Get to know the life and work of the most important Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik.

​​Understand Ljubljana as seen by the great architect and learn how he managed to create Slovenian capital from a small provincial town. Did you know that Plečnik saw Ljubljana as the new Athens? Have you ever marveled at the multitude of original lamps? And what do the pyramids actually mean?

Ljubljana rocks!

(Best sites of Ljubljana with a geological twist.)

Over the centuries, the inhabitants of the city have used various stones for construction and decoration. Hear stories of Ljubljana’s sights and find out what they are made of. Why do we say that the most famous statue in Ljubljana, the Prešeren monument, represents the structure of the Earth’s crust? Why is the City Hall a museum of Slovenian stone? Have you heard a story about the indigenous greenish stone called “čizlakit” and is only found in Slovenia? How about the famous “podpečan” used since The Romans and absolutely adored by Plečnik?

Strictly Craft Beer

(Slovenian Craft Beer story.)

Feel Ljubljana with all your senses and learn which are the best craft beers and breweries today.

In the last decade we have been witnessing a big and desired change. From a limited choice of industrial beers we have entered into a thrilling craft beer scene. Let’s taste some local beers while discussing almost anything it comes up. Beer talk or guided tour. You decide.

Come for a Day, Stay for a Week!

Somebody once said: “boring is as boring does” and we couldn’t agree more. There is plenty to see in Ljubljana and we are here to show it.

Jewish Heritage & Ljubljana

(Best sites of Ljubljana and a walk through former Jewish quater.)

​Tour is combination of a must see sights in Ljubljana and a story on Jewish community that lived and still lives here.

Ljubljana & National Gallery

​(The Walk of Art)

Great combination of art on the streets and inside. Rest your eyes on some art and hear stories of painters, sculptors and art in Slovenia.
Your guide is licensed at the National Gallery of Arts and the city of Ljubljana.

Communist, Brutalist or Modernist Ljubljana?

(Ljubljana since the second World War.)

Let’s travel from the forties to the eighties and discuss socialist Yugoslavia. Let’s see some sculptures, memorial parks & architectural surprises from that time.

Wine o'clock

​(It is that time of day to try some amazing Slovenian wines.)

Ljubljana has a long history of wine lovers. The reason lies in the vast collection of incredible wines coming from around the country which can be tried in the capital.

National Museum of Slovenia

(Highlights of Slovenian National Museum.)

Have you heard music from the oldest musical instrument in the World? Have you touched the oldest visual art here? Do you know which is the oldest golden object ever found In Slovenia? Have you seen the Idol from Ljubljana Marshes?

From Ljubljana with Love

(Meet sustainable Ljubljana.)

Take a visit to independent social companies that are part of a local ‘Think Social. Buy Local.’ movement while strolling through medieval streets.

Romantic Ljubljana

(Best sites of Ljubljana and many of its love stories.)

​There is just something in the air and your sweet side wants to hear some romantic stories from Ljubljana’s past and see some lovely, sometimes even breathtaking views.

Cathedral of Saint Nicolas

(See the beautiful baroque church.)

Amazing illusionist paintings and like-alive statues might surprise you inside this Roman Catholic church that was built in 1706. There is even a chapel designed by architect Plečnik and some other hidden gems.

Lunch with a local

(Let’s discuss Slovenia and Ljubljana over delicious lunch.)

After seeing the most essential sights in Ljubljana, we deserve a lunch break in some excellent restaurant in the Old Town to discuss more comfortably.

  • All tours are private.
  • Licensed and experienced local tour guide.
  • The meeting point with the guide is at your preferred location in the center of Ljubljana.
  • Tours are available in various languages: English, Slovenian, Spanish, Croatian or Serbian. Anything else? Maybe!
  • The tour normally lasts up to 2 hours.
  • All tours are walking tours.
  • Personalized tours! Almost anything is adjustable. We want you happy.