My main focus in photography lays on travels. I am interested in anything that has to do with tourism, including landscapes, famous sites, food and drinks, travelers accommodation, all sorts of animalsplants, street art and last but not least events. I am thorn between tourist guiding, tourism journalism, tourism marketing and photography. But luckily that works together perfectly and with solid theoretical background I understand better of what needs to be shown. My eye is trying to capture not only beautiful and striking image but I seek a story, an interest for reader and potential traveler. I understand what needs to be presented and I do that in a best possible manner. 

Whether you are trying to show off your story to the world, your hostel or luxurious hotel, your amazing new chef or amazing sites around you or you need a help in making your own story I am here to provide all or a part of this. For any question or inquiry you are welcome to contact me.


Product photography